About us

MODUS Law office provides legal advice on the Polish and international market since 1993. We are the founder and the leader of Modus Group. For twenty years our lawyers offer professional services and legal advice to business clients, individuals and to the public institutions. Experience and our constant development made it possible to solve any arising complex law issues. The law office has a good reputation in business, civil and administrative areas. Our specialization and the area of interest is not only legal advice directed to entrepreneurs, but also medical law and public procurement legal advice.


We provide long term legal advice for companies and institutions. Moreover, we also support specific business projects and legal initiatives.

Economic law

Thanks to our wide experience and knowledge in the law area we gained trust and respect from our clients. Our complex and effective actions are always appreciated by our clients and they gives us motivation to develop our legal advice further.

Public procurement law

The Law office is also well-known for its wide experience in the area of public procurement and other. Our practice is based on standardized, complex and professional approach to each legal problem arising from the side of both constructors as well as ordering parties.

Environmental law

Our legal advice includes also research on legal status and providing optimal solutions concerning environmental law (for instance, water and sewage management system, waste management, emissions to air).

MODUS in Medicine

Since 1996 Modus Law office has in its portfolio clients from the health care and medical industry. Our clients are not only public and private medical centers, but also private medical practices, clinics, foundations and associations performing tasks connected with medical care and health care.