Family Law

Family cases are led by the lawyers who have the right attitude, show engagement and have appropriate knowledge in this area. Divorce and separation cases should be led in discretion and reliability and in the process, especially, the welfare of a child should be taken into account. Divorce as well as parental care cases are not easy for a couple. Nevertheless, these are the topic which should be regulated and a good lawyer is an objective person in such matters.

Family law not only regulates the relations between family members, but also helps to solve marriage property division problems and other issues connected with family functioning and its relations with the society.

Legal advice on divorce, marriage property division and parental care.

Modus law office from Wroclaw- Family law offer:


The law office provides legal advice on:

  • Divorce (at-fault divorce, no-fault divorce)
  • Separation (at-fault and no-fault separation, at conciliation of both sides)
  • Family benefits and social welfare support
  • Maintenance payment (recognition of maintenance obligation, expiration of maintenance obligation, decrease or increase of maintenance payment, execution of the established maintenance payment)
  • Marriage property division
  • Marriage settlement (marriage property settlement, invalidation of joint property)
  • Settlement, denial of fatherhood or motherhood
  • Parental care- child’s care (acknowledgement, suppression, deprivation of parental rights)
  • Establishment of parental contact form with the child


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