MODUS Law office provides legal advice on the Polish and international market since 1993. We are the founder and the leader of Modus Group. For twenty years our lawyers offer professional legal services and advice to business clients, individuals and to the public institutions. Experience and our constant development made it possible to solve any legal matters entrusted to us. The law office has a good reputation in business, civil and administrative areas. Our specialization and the area of interest is not only legal advice
directed to entrepreneurs, but also medical law and public procurement legal advice.

Professional legal advice

MODUS Law office cooperates with other law offices and consulting companies in Germany, Canada, UK and Ukraine. Our qualifications and resources help us better serve both Polish and foreign clients. Every legal advice provided to the client is the result of our constant learning and experience gaining. Effectiveness of our legal services is confirmed by the long
term relationship with our clients. For lawyers and specialists, who work in MODUS Law office, this fact is one of the most important value and the reason to be proud of. You are welcome to look through our offer and to decide on professional legal advice provided by our team.

Our philosophy is to provide legal security and professional services to our clients. To achieve this goal we invest in knowledge and experience of our lawyers and employees.

In everyday life, we use modern information platforms and technology that improve the process of handling legal matters entrusted to us.

Professionalism – we solve cases in which we are experts. We do our best to offer the best solutions to our clients. In our work, we are guided by the
principle of absolute loyalty to the client. We carry out our tasks with full commitment.
Trust – we constantly inform the client about the progress of the case, discretion and comfort of cooperation, reliability and trustworthiness are the values on which we build partnership with our clients.
Adequacy of actions – when we decide on particular legal actions and legal advice, we always focus on the welfare of our clients and we take into consideration details of each case we are dealing with. Our actions are always in line with personal or business interest of our clients.
We try to do our best to achieve the goals set by our clients.

Modus Law office is located in the city center of Wroclaw. The law office address is Parkowa Street 25B.The company has essential resources to carry out any legal matters and projects. Our clients can make use of the secretariat office, the conference – training room and the free parking space.

Legal advice and implementation of daily tasks are supported by modern information and technological platforms such as LEX, Legalis, Lex Polonica, SPG or KRD. Based on wide experience, we have created our own system of information flow and knowledge data base called MODUS CIS, which includes the templates of legal documents, opinions, studies and analyses. This system directly strengthens safety, efficiency and better usage of our resources. Clients using the Client Modus Panel have permanent access to their ongoing legal cases. Day by day, they can track the progress of the case and its next steps
together with the preview of full documentation. After each stage, the client can receive the official report on the case, which is particularly appreciated in case of companies with a complex managerial structure. The CIS MODUS system is also available in the native language of the client.

Our another way of information processing and gathering is modern library which is constantly updated and supplemented with collection of books.

Our experienced team provides the high quality of services to our clients. These are mainly lawyers, law trainees and experienced specialists in the field of law. The scope of Modus law office team services is wide. Our lawyers, in handling legal cases, always make use of knowledge and experience gathered by the whole team within twenty years from the beginning of our business activity.

We are especially proud of the fact that our clients highly appreciate our efficiency, flexibility, commitment, and consequently our professionalism in building long-term partnerships.

Our mission is to maintain professionalism and integrated approach to solve any legal matters entrusted to us.
Together with partners of Modus Group such as Modus Estates homes & investment and Modus Financial Center, we create, implement and execute tasks entrusted to us. The energetic, operating in the international business environment team of professionals is able to effectively respond to the needs of any clients.

Modus team, besides the already mentioned qualifications, has the global know-how of Modus Group in carrying out investment, commercial and legal matters.

Our offer includes:

  • Comprehensive legal preparation of the real estate for sale and lease, particularly the
    negotiation of contracts (purchase, sale, lease, etc.)
  • Due diligence – assessment of the real estate value in context of future projects,
    increasing value of the real estate
  • Real estate financing, in particular, sale and leaseback transactions (sale and
  • Projects of the real estate refinancing
  • Assistance in obtaining investment loans
  • Real estate maintenance costs optimization
  • Real estate marketing
  • Real estate financial services and accounting

We invite you to contact us in order to receive a broader offer of our law office and our partners.

Providing legal security is one of the basic conditions that must be met in order to gain trust of the client. The element which directly influences safety is the data protection procedures and its processing. In case of MODUS law office, this demand is implemented through an internal system of information flow called CIS MODUS. The system allows coordination and support of many commissioned legal matters together with protection of the information
against unauthorized access.

Due to the need to handle multiple legal matters outside the headquarters of the law office, we have created a system of "mobile office" which enables our lawyers to access database, programs, legal knowledge by means of a web browser anywhere in Poland or abroad. The company uses modern anti-virus software and security system. Since we provide legal advice
to public institutions and state-owned companies, our lawyers are certified to access confidential information.