Inheritance law

Inheritance law regulates the transfer of property rights and obligations after the death of the testator.

In reference to inheritance law, our law office offers to the clients not only preparation of the last will and its execution, but also:

  • Conduct of cases to confirm the inheritance acquisition, inheritance division and its security
  • Confirmation or rejection of the last will, acknowledgement of the permits from the family court on the basis of the parental decision on behalf of the juvenile inheritor
  • Recognition of the last will or its invalidation
  • Declaration of the last will to be void or rejection of the false last will
  • Disinheritance of persons’ rights to inheritance by law after the inheritor
  • Claims resulting from the inheritance provisions, for example, connected with receiving a part of the divided property
  • General legal advice on inheritance cases- what is the inheritance procedure like, what kind of claims co-inheritors can have, how the petition for confirmation of inheritance should look like
  • Recognition of unworthiness toinherit
  • Settlement of responsibility of inheritance debts
  • Debt collection records, entries and commands of the executor of the last will

Recognition of the rights to inherit is a procedure which helps to establish the right inheritors in the inheritance process. In such cases, the court indicates the parties which are recognized to receive the legitimate portion of the property after the death of the testator. Recognition of the inheritance is based on the petition issued to the court. Even if the client is the statutory inheritor it does not mean that he or she will receive the property, if the last will states differently.

Inheritance law regulates property division after the death of the testator. The persons who want to have these responsibilities regulated by life may add to their last will appropriate legacy. Usually, it happens that there are more than one inheritors and if the disputes arise, such cases are handled in the court or with the help of the public notary.

Confirmation of inheritance may cause many not planned consequences of which the inheritor may not be aware of and it may include e.g. inheritance debts.

Our lawyers will help any client from Wroclaw and its surroundings, no matter if you want to prepare a petition to confirm the last will provisions or to receive, in general, help regarding inheritance law.